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Preview: British Blues Archive Launch Night

6th OCTOBER, 1.30 - 4pm Loughton Methodist Church, Essex
Tickets £10, with all proceeds going towards the archive, available from David Nathan at the Archive at Loughton Library (open M/Tu/W/Fri 10-1pm), or on 0208 502 0181 or

Paul Jones will be hosting

On 6th October the British Blues Archive will be launched at an event hosted by Paul Jones. There will be an interview with Paul for around an hour about blues and his career and then he'll be playing blues with Dominic Ashworth on Guitar and Digby Fairweather for another hour.

The archive will record the British Blues Scene from it's start to the present day and will become the national treasure house of British blues information and memorabilia.

Sax player Peter Harvie says "The National Jazz Archive have asked blues jam Host Stevie King and I to set up a British Blues Archive. The National Jazz Archive has been going a long time and has an impressive collection of memorabilia from the Jazz world. They feel it's time to document the British Blues, and you know they are right. We need to record what has happened and what is happening in the Blues scene in Britain while we can, after all who would have thought Gary Moore would leave us this year".

Bluesman Paul Jones thinks a British Blues Archive is so important he has agreed to become a trustee (the National Jazz Archive, with it's Blues Archive, is a charity) and will launch the archive with an interview and then play some blues with his band. In the interview Peter Harvie will be asking him about the blues and the blues people he has worked with, 'I'll keep it to the blues, but I did buy Paul's 'Do Wah Diddy' when it came out' says Peter.

When did the British blues explosion start? Stevie says you could claim it started with Alexis Korner's release of 'R&B at the Marquee' in 1962 or Cyril Davies's recording for Pye later in the same year, but then perhaps only aficionados would've known what was happening with the Blues in 1962.

For Peter, Willie Dixon's 'Little Red Rooster' by the Rolling Stones, released at the end of 1964, was his introduction to the blues, as it was for many. Whatever got you into the blues you should be at the start of this important archive and you will be most welcomed.

King and Harvie - "When we're not playing we're are putting together the Blues Archive!"

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the blues collection (do you still have that ticket for John Mayall in 1971? What about that poster for Chicken Shack?) then the Blues Archive would love to keep it as a national treasure.

Please contact Peter Harvie on 0208 5248540 to discuss your donation, All donations are held at the National Jazz and Blues Archive, which has premises at Loughton Library, Trap's Hill, Loughton Essex. We can collect.

Anything donated to the archive will never be sold and will be kept forever for future generations to see. The Blues Archive is not for profit and we treasure everything that is donated.

This event is expected to be the first of many. If you would like to be at the start of this compilation of the history of British Blues then do come along.