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The Not The Same Old Blues Crap club takes it’s name from the title of the first sampler album released by the Oxford, Mississippi, USA punk rock blues label Fat Possum. The discovery of them by founders Rupert Orton and partner Jim Johnstone was nothing short of an epiphany and, like the label, the club seeks to give an outlet to raw, unrefined and skewered punk rock blues.

Jim Johnstone and Rupert Orton

"Here was music that was as loose and raw" explains Rupert, "In comparison to what was happening elsewhere at the time it was just such a welcome breath of fresh air. We wanted to be able to go out to a club and see bands and hear DJ’s that played this. With no opportunity to do this we decided to open our own club."

(Read an interview with Matthew Johnson, Fat Possum founder here)

"The next factor was necessity; there were no clubs in London catering specifically for Punk Rock Blues. If my band wanted to get a gig, we’d end up on a totally unsuitable bill featuring something like a Peruvian Nose Flute ensemble and a Norwegian death metal band with some totally inappropriate DJ playing Euro House!!!! And the traditional blues scene, which from what I could make out was just full of old fossils rehashing Clapton solos for their mates or so claustrophobically referential that if you couldn’t play a Robert Johnson outtake note perfect you would be hounded from the venue, branded a non-believer! The solution to this was to create our own club."

Everything started to fall into place when Tim Perry, promoter at The Brixton Windmill offered them the opportunity to put a bill together and supply the DJ’s for a night that would revolve around Punk Rock Blues. Calling the night Not The Same Old Blues Crap in honor of the Fat Possum sampler records they got The Killer B’s and Catweezel to play with Ruperts old band Gaffer Hexam.

"We haven’t looked back since. Shortly after the Brixton gig Fat Possum got in touch and we put on one their main men, T-Model Ford, which was certainly a highlight for me. Other memorable shows in 2004 were The Dirty and Gaffer Hexam at The Barfly when we joined forces with the Kill ‘Em All, Let God Sort It Out mob and the venue was so packed we had difficulty actually getting onto the stage to play... and the first NTSOBC U.K. tour with Seasick Steve & The Level Devils."

Following on from the success of the club night the Duo formed a label to spread the word further.
Their first release, 'This is Punk Rock Blues' has been timed to coincide with their shows at the Spitz Festival of the Blues and features a wide range of artists, all brought together under the 'Not The Same Old Blues Crap' banner.

More details on their website and look out for a review here soon.