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Weenie Campbell Juke Radio

By David Atkinson - Jan 2007

If there's a better use for the internet (BiL excepted) then I haven't heard about it! If like me you lament the lack of crackly blues 78s played on the radio these days then allow me to direct you to the 'super electrical webpages' of Weenie Campell, THE country blues internet radio station.
Weenie 'preserves country Blues through Education, Performance and Technology', a noble pursuit if ever there was one. His Juke Radio churns through a whopping catalogue of primarily pre-war blues, complete with requests and dedications, 24 hours a day. After a bit of bother tuning in (clicking wildly at the various icons through which to listen - iTunes, Real Player and so on) I was chuffed to hear Henry Townsend, Oscar Woods, Charley Patton, Leadbelly, Tampa Red, Rev. Gary Davis all within the first hour.
The playlist is vast. If you're already a fan of country blues then you'll recognise a lot of of the tunes and performers but there is so much here you won't get bored for weeks or months. You'll all be familiar with thrill of finding previously unheard tracks or artists and this happens pretty regularly. Have you heard Good Time Mama by King Mutt and His Tennessee Thumpers? I hadn't either until just now. It's brilliant, believe me.

There's so much here it should delight the enthusiast and casual listener alike. The sound quality is great especially considering some of the tunes are transferred from original 78s. You can scour the listings for tunes you know and request them or, more enjoyably, sit back and enjoy an vast collection of brilliant, moving music. The schedule is well-conceived and always listenable and the whole playlist is uninterrupted and completely free from adverts or intrusion.
Tune in when you can.