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Reverend Beatman, one man band CEO of Voodoo Rhythm records

Interview by Charlie Munn

Voodoo Rhythm is based in Switzerland and it calls itself the home of primative rock n' roll. Most recently it has released lots of one man bands and blues based material. It's highly stylised, witty and the kind of stuff that turns the blood of people at BBC Radio 6 and Sony cold... It's the good stuff they keep on the top shelf and don't want you to know about... It's the reall deal. If you've not come across VR before this is a treat - for those who have it's a pretty good catch up. Whoever - fill yer boot's...

Munn: What is Trash Blues?

RB: It's a mix between Carcass and Howling Wolf

Munn: How do you find the acts for your label?

RB: I love trifht shops and fleamarked i like to dig out things.. the same it's with my label, i'm intressd in alof of different styles of music.. so at the end it's very easy to find good bands you just have to open up your eyes and mind and they will jump at you.

Munn: How did the Rev. Beatman start?

RB: I was touring alot with my Wrestling Rock'n'roll act Lightning beat-man and 1999 i had a larger accedent in the shows the result was that i broke something in my back and i lost my voice because of too much screaming in the mikro and yelling at people.. the doctor sed you better end with that nightclup wrestling or sooner or later you gonna die.. i did stop and one night i had a hallucination where Robert Johnson and Ccreamin Jay Hawkins told me that i have to pereach... now i'm preaching

Munn: Do you gig often?

RB: When i had no kids i did 300 gigs a year.. now i have two kids and i
play only every weekend

Munn: What about the DJ work - do it often?

RB: Yea i do that often in Switzerland mostly, i love to play my record collection to other people... I have 2 different sets the one is a Dance set where i play mostly black R&B and Blues stuff garage rockabilly and and and.. then i have another set for bars and dead end clups where i play strange things.. not actualy to dance.. lotsa jazz and wierd shit from my record collection.. people here in switzerland dont dig that but i actualy don't care.. ah then i have another set... i spin 78's on my own turntable.. it's a accustic DJ set.. no elecricity.. i play mostly nasty jazz or blues.. no rock'n'n'roll i hate that 78 periode with rock'n'roll records.. 1900 - 1945 or something like that

Munn: Blues from the US and Europe - what's the difference and who does it better?

RB: Stupid question... i heard that from another brithish magazine.. who
cares who's better or's music it's not a competition, it's not sport, everybody can play the blues couse everybody has'm inside

Munn: Where are the best - or at least your favourite - blues clubs &
festivals in Europe?

RB: I hate blues festivals and i hate straight blues clubs, but so far i did play in many great clubs..i never played the dirty wather, i hope i will make it over there once... last week we did play in the tzunami club in kologne that was cool, i still like the white trash in berlin or the Scene Bar in Los Angeles or the Cafe Kairo in Bern there are many people with a bright taste who wanna do something in their towns make a different booking like most other boring clubs.

Munn: One man bands - gimickry or merely self-serving musicians who are incapable of working with others?

RB: A question of money.. i need to make money for my kids food clotes all expencive stuff.. with a one man band i get all the bucks.. and its fun to play.. you have to be much more creative as if you play with a band.. one man bands mostly get boring afer a while.. but you have to think creative and make the whole show intressting..i love being a one man band..i hate to tour with a one man band..i don't like to be alone..i have always several people coming along on tour.. merchandice the sound and and and.. no girlfriends

Munn: Words of advice for aspiring musicians?

RB: Buy a guitar trow away youe eyepot

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