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Jukebox Union:
Manulela & The Music Makers, TJ & The Demons, The Prints of Wales
Jaguar Shoes, Shoreditch, Wednesday 4th Oct
Review and pics by Rick Webb and Andy Hall

A new attempt to get the 'The Kids' in 'London's Trendy Shoreditch' dancing to bluesy, rockabilly, 50s R&B' inspired bands gets our backing here at Bluesinlondon Towers, and the opening night didn't disappoint. Downstairs at Jaguar Shoes on Kingsland Road saw the first of what will hopefully be a regular night and it's a decent venue with an up for it young crowd, even on a Wednesday night.

Openers, The Prints of Whales got things off to a fine start with their Punk Rock Bluegrass. TJ & The Demons stepped in at the last minute after The Velours had to cancel due to an injured bassist and a fine job they made of it too. Manuela & The Musicmakers took things through to the end with a rockin' set that saw the whole dance floor shaking.

The Bluesinlondon editorial team, having a top time, failed to resist the temptation to drink too much were generally a shambles, hence the lack of detailed note-taking about who played what etc. Fortunately most of our cameras are equipped with auto-focus so at least these pics aren't as blurry as we were...

Here's to more Jukebox Unions in the near future...

The Prints of Whales...Is that a double necked Banjo/guitar combo...?

Organiser Rory dutifully seeing that everybody is having a good time...

Any band that features a saw AND a banjo has to be alright...

For those of you that normally only go to blues places, those rather interesting smiley things are GIRLS

TJ and his shoes

"We love!"

A rockin' Manuela never changes her spots

Blimey! People dancing on a school night