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TJ & The Demons - Aint Nothin' But 13.04.06
Words & Pics: Rick Webb

Good work for the first gig in London
of this new Essex based band. They've put together a decent set of 50's Chicago style blues which they do with some style.

Tim Norton (TJ) clearly knows his stuff harp-wise and manages to avoid being another Wilson/Clarke/Piazza West Coast clone (despite having spent some time in LA hanging with famous blues types), while the rest of the band are undoubtedly solid. Terry Lewis on guitar plays in a nicely understated style, while rhythm is handled superbly by Harley Dave on drums and Jason Brazier on bass, both of whom put in a great performance.

Typically for Aint Nothing But, the youngish, boozed-upish, touristyish crowd were appreciative enough, and it feels like this band should fits well within the Aint Nothin But world.


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