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The Vulnerable Things
Spread Eagle, Shoreditch - Dec 2005

New london blues singer and guitarist Guy Bennett of Vulnerable Things New london blues singer and guitarist Guy Bennett of Vulnerable Things

Havin' it twenty-somethings, committing to the blues on the mean streets of the London indie-rock scene. Half the gigs these guys play are in a world where 'blues' is a dirty word, yet play the blues they do. Like The Black Keys, an obvious influence, they're playing it rough and raw but full of energy and invention. Rockin' it like it should be done in front of funny haircutted Shoreditch types and not being hated by them is something to be encouraged.

Frontman G.P. Throat draws an extraordinarily large, unhinged, and charismatic voice from some dark corner of his soul, and presumably rips his dynamic guitar mayhem from the same scary place. Backed up by a hurricane of drums from Jimmy Ryan, and Lewis Hodge on guitar (no bass!) they pull together a set which leaves no doubt about their blues credentials but which also keeps the cool kids happy. Their own material is their best too, which has got to be a good sign. Watch out for them...