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Bullfrog Brown - Snakes and Devils
Reviewed by Eric Gebhardt

The Black Keys Chulahoma a tribute to junior Kimborough contemporaty blues music

I'm not entirely sure where to start... I'll say this... This record is great, buy it. as i sit here listening to snakes and devils, drinking a PBR, i'm struck with the realisation that all of this punk rock blues experimentation in recent years has finally been perfected.
Any purist should be able to appreciate the fantastic guitar playing of the great Andres Roots. He plays as authentic as the mississippi river delta its self. you can argue that some of the riffs have been 'borrowed' from ancient blues tunes, but hasn't 'borrowing' been a staple in the blues since W.C. Handy heard the old man in the train station. Andres plays with a soul that feels to be as old as the music he's playing behind a rythm section that reminds me of tom waits 'bone machine' at times.
Alar Kriisa, any punk rock blues kid should be able to appreciate his gruff vocals. He sounds like Leon Redbone piss drunk and fronting an Alice Cooper cover band and this is a good thing, a very good thing. The lyrics ramble shamlessly like Dylan, but later-day Dylan, 'Love and Theft' dDylan, which, again, is a good thing, a very good thing.
I can't think of any songs to point out. They are all great. The only bad song on the album is 'Legacy Blues' - only because the lyrics fall a bit short when compared to every other song on the album - but to be the worst song on a great album still means it sits far above the rest of us in the tower of song, just maybe not all the way up there with 'ole Hank.
Again, buy this album. Tell your friends to buy this album. Do the world a favor for a change. Buy it and send it to family for Christmas. I will be a supporter of this band until the day i die, long after they break up because one of 'em drinks too much.

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